• The HK Garment industry was most prosperous between 70s-90s. The sewing machine and apparel machinery industry also expanded hand in hand. At its peak, up to 1/3 of the world’s production of cutting, sewing, accessories, parts and finishing machines were traded in and out of the free port of Hong Kong. At that time, the HK market was dominated by Japanese, European and American machinery manufacturers. Now, there are about 150 HK companies involved in the apparel machinery manufacturing/ wholesale/ retail/ service business.


  • In the past, most of the equipment were produced in Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, etc. Then re-exported to other Asian countries. When China opened its door, many HK and world machinery manufacturers followed. Many HK local companies also moved their business into China. Now HK can export the most advanced garment equipment to the rest of the world.


  • HK Companies with their world wide vision started introducing overseas know how for many years. The garment production process has also vastly improved in both theory and practice. The number of young people in our garment industry ranks amongst the highest in all industry sectors.


Business Model

  • The HK apparel, sewing, CAD/CAM, finishing companies have introduced many innovating machinery and process to local garment manufacturer. The specialty of local apparel machinery companies are to customize and improve the most popular machinery for our local factories. Our industry is also actively participating in many world class exhibitions such as DTC and CISMA. We also organize regular trade meeting to bridge China with many overseas countries.


Market Trend

  • The HK Apparel Machinery companies have recognized two most important trend: oil-less and automation. For garment manufacturing, we have improved from mass production line to small production unit. The local garment industry must adapted to the ever increasing labour and energy cost. Some examples are: multi machines for operators, energy saving motor and equipment, computer aided sewing, robots, multipurpose machines.